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Christmas Card Illustration

by Gary Martin Illustration

Christmas Card Illustration

The Making of a Christmas Card Commission

It’s December and I’ve just finished a festive illustration for a new client. They wanted a vector drawing for their company Christmas Card to send out and promote their services. My final idea was Santa at the front with Rudolph filling up the sleigh in the background as you can see in the final design.


I though you might like to see an animated gif showing the design process I went through. The usual sketches/scanning/redrawing in Affinity Designer and then a last minute change to Santa (I felt the first one had no character) for the final commissioned artwork. I had a lot of fun (and stress) with this freelance project but am really pleased with the final outcome. It has led to a second commission and the chance of more work in the future. Any questions, please email me and I’ll be happy to reply. Take care and Happy Holidays!